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Smarinita is co-founder and CEO at IDR. Prior to IDR, Smarinita worked at Dasra, Monitor Inclusive Markets (now FSG), JP Morgan and The Economic Times. She also co-founded Netscribes–India’s first knowledge process outsourcing firm. Smarinita has a BE in Computer Engineering and an MBA in Finance, both from Mumbai University.

Articles by Smarinita Shetty

Adolescent girls in a class in Ranchi, Jharkhand

August 11, 2022
Keeping adolescent girls at the centre as we rebuild
The pandemic has had a devastating impact on adolescent girls and young women in Jharkhand. What can nonprofits and funders do to help them achieve their aspirations despite setbacks to their education, mental health, and more?
Illustration of a jungle_Aseema-mental health

July 28, 2022
“We definitely need far more conversation around mental health”
Neerja Birla speaks about the mental health and integrated education landscape in India, the stigma surrounding it, and what key stakeholders need to do.
Labourer standing behind a cart with sacks on it-migrant workers

May 31, 2022
India’s informal workers demand better working conditions
Migrant workers from Madhya Pradesh seek dignity of labour and accountability from the government and industry as they explore alternate livelihoods in agriculture, local enterprise, and more.
wooden stamp - government

May 10, 2022
Government partnerships: What makes them successful?
Nonprofits that work with the government must prioritise patience and perseverance as necessary skills in their partnerships.
A group of laborers returning from the fields-migrant workers

April 14, 2022
Migrant workers from East UP: Where are they now?
Lockdowns during the pandemic forced migrant workers across India to return home. Here’s how migrants from East UP coped with the consequences, and how the government, nonprofits, and funders can support them.
Worklife is your 20s vs your 40s feature image-nonprofit humour

February 7, 2022
Work life in your 20s vs your 40s
Why yes, we like to troll ourselves and you at the same time.
An illustration of Aruna Roy, social activist, driving force behind the RTI Act and MGNREGA, and Magsaysay Award winner

January 26, 2022
IDR Interviews | Aruna Roy
Renowned social activist and a driving force behind the movements that led to the RTI Act and MGNREGA, Aruna Roy tells us what it takes to sustain truly participatory movements and why we must fight for our democratic right to dissent.
Illustration of Aloysius Fernandez-self-help groups

January 13, 2022
IDR Interviews | Aloysius Fernandez
Having pioneered the concept of SHGs, Aloysius Fernandez speaks about his journey over the last several decades, and how building institutions is the beginning of the basis of power for marginalised people.
Women harvesting the field_Flickr-women entrepreneurs

December 17, 2021
A crisis is an opportunity to recognise women’s leadership
Prema Gopalan of SSP talks about the role of agriculture in building sustainable livelihoods and the need to build an ecosystem for women to take charge.
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