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Srishti Gupta is an editorial analyst at IDR where she’s responsible for writing, editing, and translating content. She previously worked in an editorial capacity at Springer Nature. She holds a master’s degree in political science and is interested in researching gender, social justice, security, and international relations.

Articles by Srishti Gupta

pigeons sitting on a brown metal bar_COP28

December 4, 2023
ChatGPT explains COP 28
Have questions about the UN climate conference? No worries, here’s ChatGPT to the rescue.
dog on a computer_nonprofit humour

September 18, 2023
Dad jokes for nonprofits by ChatGPT
If the jokes are actually good, will they still be considered dad jokes?
salman khan

August 21, 2023
Being Salman Khan
We looked through Salman Khan’s Twitter, and we think he would make a good development sector influencer. Don’t believe us? We have proof.
an orange cat looks at a laptop--nonprofit humour

July 31, 2023
ChatGPT simplifies complex social sector concepts
Use these the next time a donor asks what your organisation is working on.
a woman sitting in a wheat field--women's land rights

July 21, 2023
Keeping dignity at the centre of women’s land rights
Nonprofits working on women's land rights must also give due consideration to dignity—an inherent part of all human rights issues.
An e-rickshaw on the road in South Delhi

July 20, 2023
Photo essay: E-rickshaw drivers ferry India’s electric dream
While e-rickshaws are being promoted as Delhi–NCR’s sustainable mode of transport, their drivers battle waterlogged roads, documentation challenges, and high charging costs.
a white and brown guinea pig on paper--nonprofit humour

June 26, 2023
ChatGPT solves social sector problems
Solving organisational problems has never been easier.
women sitting with piles of clothes in front of them--pheriwalis

June 15, 2023
Photo essay: The traditional upcyclers of India
As India embraces sustainable fashion, there’s a need to focus on the traditional upcyclers from the Devipujak community who are struggling for income, health, and dignity.
A dog sitting at an office desk with two computers and a coffee mug on the table_ChatGPT

April 24, 2023
ChatGPT explains the social sector
Some burning questions were answered. Kind of.
Four puppies trying to climb_nonprofit humour

March 6, 2023
What we learnt in our first six months at a social sector job
Six months? Really? It definitely feels longer.
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