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Dr Varsha Pillai is the associate director of communications at Dream a Dream. She completed her PhD in Gender Advocacy in Digital Media in India in 2022. A former journalist, Varsha has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of media advocacy, social sector, and policy communication. An On Think Tanks Fellow and NUFFIC Fellow, she has researched and written extensively on development issues focused on gender and education.

Areas of expertise

Communications, Narrative Building, Advocacy, Education, Gender

Articles by Varsha Pillai

A group of school boys hanging out-life skills

August 22, 2023
What is lacking in life skills assessments in India?
Understanding a community's context needs to be at the core of life skills interventions and assessments. Here's why.
3 girls sitting in front of a laptop-social-emotional learning SEL

February 3, 2022
Social-emotional learning in India: The importance of intersectionality
Social-emotional learning (SEL) programmes should adopt an intersectional lens that takes into account young people’s diverse experiences of caste, class, and gender.
Social Mapping -Tamil Nadu

June 5, 2018
What a research project taught us about Swachh Bharat Mission
The findings of a research-to-action project to assess the Swachh Bharat Mission underline the importance of using an extremely contextual, localised approach in implementation.
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