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Vikram Jain is the managing director for initiatives at FSG, a mission-driven consulting firm that partners with corporations and foundations to create equitable systems change. He leads FSG’s Program to Improve Private Early Education (PIPE), which aims to replace rote learning with activity-based learning in all 3,00,000 affordable private schools in India, and FSG’s Growing Livelihood Opportunities for Women (GLOW) programme, which aims to sustainably place more than one million women from low-income households in jobs by shifting companies’ mindsets and practices.

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Social Impact Consulting

Articles by Vikram Jain

Indian woman with a smartphone standing behind a man_women labour force participation

November 29, 2022
What does the working-age Indian woman want, and why?
A study by FSG sheds light on women’s attitudes and preferences towards employment, and the role that the family and the society play in women’s labour force participation.
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