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REI India is a collaboration between industry and civil society organisations that works closely with the renewable energy (RE) sector to adopt business models and value chains with justice, equity, universal rights, and resilient ecological systems at their core—thereby contributing to a socially just and ecologically safe energy transition. The programme helps the RE sector better understand risks along the value chain and enables stakeholders to design, test and implement solutions together.


women in a field walking in front of a solar panel_renewable energy

June 26, 2024
Ground Realities: Making land work for renewable energy
Land is central to India's renewable energy development. Here are ways to access and utilise this resource responsibly.
solar panel at dusk-renewable energy

May 17, 2024
We need to build a circular economy for India’s renewable energy value chain
By focusing on resource efficiency and reuse, circularity can benefit the environment, industry, government, and society.
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