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India Development Review (IDR) is India’s first independent online media platform for leaders in the development community. Our mission is to advance knowledge on social impact in India. We publish ideas, opinion, analysis, and lessons from real-world practice.

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should you attend the event_

September 26, 2022
Should you attend that event?
Let's be honest, we all know the answer to this one.
Aerial shot of women protestors sitting_well-being

September 16, 2022
Preparing for a marathon, not a sprint 
Dalit civil rights activist Thenmozhi Soundararajan on why failure is an opportunity to build power, how systems of oppression affect well-being, and what healing looks like for individuals and communities.
Image depicting interwoven jute fibres_income tax raids

September 12, 2022
Statement of solidarity
Concerned citizens have come together to release a statement in solidarity with nonprofits in India that have recently been raided by the Income Tax Department.
An empty classroom-education

August 26, 2022
Atishi Marlena and Pramath Raj Sinha on the faults in our education system
Arun Maira speaks to both experts on the state of education in India and why teaching methodologies in schools and colleges need to change.
Mugshot of a pug against a teal background_nonprofit humour

August 12, 2022
Overheard at a social impact conference
Yes, we have been eavesdropping on your conversations.
Children in a file at school-school improvement

August 11, 2022
Why an ineffective school improvement programme was scaled up
A programme to improve school governance in MP was scaled up despite being ineffective. What can its perceived success teach us about improving public service delivery at scale?
A woman using a digital tablet-digital rights and privacy

August 9, 2022
Data protection and digital rights in India
In a country where digital literacy and access still have a long way to go, what shape do digital rights and data protection laws need to take?
Mr Men characters_nonprofit humour

August 8, 2022
Little Miss, Mr, and Mx in the social sector
Of course, we had to make a version of this meme trend.
rural women take part in a boat race in west bengal-leadership

August 5, 2022
The road to recovery
In Part II of a conversation with Dream a Dream CEO Suchetha Bhat and co-founder Vishal Talreja learn about what it took to rebuild an organisation in crisis, and why it needed a new kind of leadership.
A man standing on a boat in the sea-leadership

August 5, 2022
Having a dream is not enough
In Part I of this conversation, Dream a Dream’s co-founder Vishal Talreja and CEO Suchetha Bhat share the story of the organisation’s implosion, Vishal’s burnout, and how owning up to failure was the first step in building back differently.
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