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Mr Men and Little Miss Characters_IDR humour

September 13, 2021
Your Zoom colleagues as Mr Men and Little Miss characters
You don’t need to meet people in real life to know which character they resemble the most.
Afghanistan empty roads with people- image credit wikimedia commons

August 20, 2021
Afghanistan and India: What you need to know
A compilation of articles that explain what the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan means for India.
Cat reading books-math problems for the development sector-flickr

July 26, 2021
You do the math: Part II
It turns out working in social impact or at nonprofits is almost as ridiculous as the math problems we used to solve in school.
MF Hussain Mother Teresa painting-donor funding

July 19, 2021
When MF Husain approached donors for funding
Even MF Husain isn’t exempt from feedback. Here’s a look at what funders might say about his work.
alarm clocks against a yellow background-timelines

July 12, 2021
How we spend our lives
The only timelines that make sense these days.
dog wearing sunglasses looking into the camera_stress-busting memes-pixabay

June 21, 2021
Five memes to help you start your week
A collection of stress-busting videos and memes that made us smile. Keep your sound on for these!
a round yellow keychain with a smiley drawn on it

June 14, 2021
Six comics that have been getting us through
A dose of serotonin for your Monday morning.
Second wave of COVID-19 in Shivaji Nagar-picture courtesy-Apnalaya

May 11, 2021
No second wave of COVID-19 in Mumbai’s Shivaji Nagar?
Fatigue, despair, and deep mistrust in the system is creating vaccine hesitancy among the people of Shivaji Nagar, one of Mumbai's most underdeveloped neighbourhoods
COVID-19 vaccine queue-COVID-19 assam

May 7, 2021
How is Assam responding to the second wave of COVID-19?
A field report from Assam that highlights the sudden rise in cases, the response of the people, and their preparedness on the ground.
Hands pulling on a rope-nonprofits and COVID-19 relief

April 28, 2021
How you can support nonprofits in their COVID-19 relief efforts in 2021
A credible list of social sector organisations, whose COVID-19 relief efforts you can support.
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