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an image of Shashi Tharoor in the act of cracking a coconut while three men and one woman look on-nonprofit humour 2021 memes

January 10, 2022
2021’s best memes: The IDR edition
Self burns are really the best burns.
an image of a brown dog with a Santa Claus red and white cap worn during Christmas. On the bottom of the screen, there is a black board with the words 'Dear Santa,'-nonprofit Christmas wish list

December 20, 2021
Your nonprofit Christmas wish list
Some items on here might be unrealistic, but they are not unreasonable.
Inbox full_canva-nonprofit humour

November 29, 2021
Advice from therapists: For your relationship with emails
According to the internet, emails make everyone feel "overwhelmed and under accomplished, defeated and deflated." We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.
A banner at a protest that says Greenwash detected-COP 26-exclusion

November 8, 2021
COP 26: The most ‘inclusive’ COP ever?
COP 26 is under the spotlight for more reasons than one, and not all are good. Here’s a compilation of tweets that shed light on who all aren’t being heard at the biggest conference on climate change.
cartoon of a man speaking to a cat and dog-nonprofit humour

October 25, 2021
Office mumbo jumbo
How to say a lot, without really saying anything at all.
illustration of black birds sitting on black lines across a grey background-shit nonprofits say

October 11, 2021
Sh*t nonprofits say: Part V
Aspirational is the word we use when we're bragging about things we want to do but know that we never will.
Farmer protests at Singhu border

September 30, 2021
Understanding farmer protests
Arun Maira speaks with former Agriculture Secretary Siraj Hussain and the leader of a farmer collective, Kavitha Kuruganti about the ongoing farmer protests, and the process of consultation and policy reform in India.
Mr Men and Little Miss Characters_IDR humour

September 13, 2021
Your Zoom colleagues as Mr Men and Little Miss characters
You don’t need to meet people in real life to know which character they resemble the most.
Afghanistan empty roads with people- image credit wikimedia commons

August 20, 2021
Afghanistan and India: What you need to know
A compilation of articles that explain what the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan means for India.
Cat reading books-math problems for the development sector-flickr

July 26, 2021
You do the math: Part II
It turns out working in social impact or at nonprofits is almost as ridiculous as the math problems we used to solve in school.
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