December 4, 2020

Photo essay: Farmers gather in protest

Farmers from across the country gather at Delhi’s borders as they continue to protest the new farm laws.

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At the borders of Delhi, farmers are camping to protest against the Centre’s new farm Bills. The police is not letting them enter the city, and insisting that they go to Burari, to a designated protest site. Farmers’ unions, however, believe that Burari will be like an “open jail”.

Despite the cold and risks of coronavirus, farmers say their protest will go on until the government agrees to repeal the laws, which they see as a serious risk to their livelihood. Instead, they want the minimum support price system strengthened.

BKU leader Khatan from Muzaffarnagar briefing his comrades on the protest plans at UP gate in Ghaziabad Delhi border_farmers protest

People sitting on a mat diagonally on the road_farmers protest

Security forces standing guard_farmers protest

Tents on the road people walking on the streets-farmers protest

People standing around a tent erected in front of a barricade-farmers protest

People sitting on a mat in between a tractor and a car-farmers protest

Four people looking into the camera with slogans written on the walls behind them-farmers protest

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Three men, one with his hands raised, looking into the camera with a banner hanging next to them-farmers protest

Two men sitting on a tractor with a flag in front-farmers protest

Two men, one looking away, other looking into the camera with a horn in front-farmers protest

Three men standing talking-farmers protest

People sitting on the road behind a rope barricade looking into the camera-farmers protest

People resting inside a vehicle, looking away from the camera-farmers protest

A man wearing a turban sitting inside a truck looking outside into the camera-farmers protest

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Two older men lying on the back of a truck next to each other-farmers protest

Three men wearing masks standing next to each other with vehicles in the background-farmers protest

A man lying down with his head covered with a cloth looking into his mobile phone-farmers protest

People seated in a row on the ground being served food by people-farmers protest

Several people lying with blankets covering them, resting and one man looking into the camera-farmers protest

Close up of two bearded men wearing turbans- farmers protest

People sitting inside a tractor and another vehicle-farmers protest

Picture credits: Shome Basu

This photo essay was originally published on The Wire.

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