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Your work personality based on your zodiac sign

They say your zodiac sign determines your personality type. But how does it play out when you work at a nonprofit?
2019-08-07 00:00:00 India Development Review Your work personality based on your zodiac sign
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1. Aries

  • Pitches seemingly insane ideas with zero hesitation
  • Confident to the point of being borderline arrogant
  • Passionate about everything – which often results in a willingness to pick fights over even a difference in opinion

Think: The young social entrepreneur who moved to the sector one month ago, and thinks they can solve the water crisis.

2. Taurus

  • Operates on two speeds only – leisurely planning with multiple breaks, or beast-mode the day before a deadline
  • Has the best snack drawer
  • Not resistant to change, just doesn’t see the point of it

Think: Your head of finance, functioning regularly versus one day before the auditors arrive.

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3. Gemini

  • Offers interesting but completely unrelated facts during a conversation
  • A ball of nervous energy 80 percent of the time
  • Most active in the office WhatsApp group, and knows all the gossip

Think: Your admin manager at any given point of time.

4. Cancer

  • Takes criticism personally, and keeps a list of people who have wronged them
  • Normalises crying in the workspace
  • Cares about office culture and gives the best Secret Santa presents

Think: Your colleague who doubles-up as the in-house office therapist.

5. Leo

  • Loudest person in the office, probably a show-off
  • Has a power stance for every presentation
  • The most fun person at happy hour

Think: The millennial leaving your office to get their Harvard MBA.

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6. Virgo

  • Meticulous workaholic who’s a perfectionist to a fault
  • Gives the best advice that they aren’t able to take themselves
  • Low threshold for stupidity

Think: Your M&E manager who would rather work till midnight than trust anyone in the team to do something.

7. Libra

  • Self-appointed arbitrator for any and all disagreements
  • A networking badass with all the contacts
  • Will change their opinions based on who they’re talking to, to appease everyone involved

Think: Your star fundraiser and in-house resource for information on everyone in the sector.

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8. Scorpio

  • Has a no-nonsense work ethic and gets sh*t done quietly and efficiently
  • Mysterious and impenetrable, and won’t offer up personal details easily
  • An innate talent for persuasion, and would probably be sorted into Slytherin

Think: Usually the founder-CEO, keeping the organisation steady since Day 1.

9. Sagittarius

  • Limitless reserves of energy
  • First language is sarcasm, but can be kind of tactless
  • Already planning the next trip everyone in the office should take together

Think: Your new sub-25 hire who is a philosophy major and has a travel blog.

10. Capricorn

  • Do not know how to delegate and would rather just do everything themselves
  • Has googled ‘how to get my boss’s job’
  • Crippling self-doubt masked by dark humour

Think: The entrepreneur whose startup idea didn’t pick up and was forced to accept a junior position at your organisation.

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11. Aquarius

  • Looks at the big picture but misses the practical details
  • Over-thinks and analyses every meeting and interaction
  • Genuinely believes that it’s not a God complex, because they really are that smart

Think: The McKinsey consultant you hired for a strategy exercise.

12. Pisces

  • Spends 60 percent of the workday staring out the window
  • Will switch off their phone/ignore their emails half-way through the day because reality is too much to deal with right now
  • Does not know what a deadline is

Think: That one person in your office who really should have stayed in their PhD programme instead of taking a break to get ‘real world experience’.

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