Game of Thrones is, at its heart, about philanthropy and social impact. Okay, maybe not. But in the midst of dragons, dynasties and death there are truths about nonprofit life. Trust us, you need not be a GoT fan to appreciate them.

1. When you introduce yourself to donors, like Daenerys Targaryen.

Rekha Patkar the unfunded, first of her name, CEO of nonprofit, recruiter of star performers, saviour of 8,734 bonded labourers, breaker of chains, empowerer of the unempowered, transformer of communities.


2. When your board chair calls, saying he is donating a fancy coffee machine to your office.


3. What you want to say out loud when a corporate says they will offer you expertise instead of CSR funds.


4. What happens when private sector ‘volunteers’ visit your nonprofit to ‘fix’ your systems.


5. Some say Tyrion Lannister makes the ideal donor.


6. Not convinced? How about now.

Tyrion Lannister


7. When your donor has just learned what a Theory of Change is and offers to help you create one. For the third time.


8. Founder mentality.


9. When your donor asks you to speak honestly about what hasn’t worked in your programme.


10.  When a multi-stakeholder alliance has unrestricted funding.


11. What you tell your team when you have to turn in a last-minute proposal.


12. How your benevolent and beloved second-in line responds.


13. When you have convinced your donor that spending Rs 25 lakhs on a virtual reality video is fundamental to improving learning outcomes for children with disabilities.


14. When your ‘Great Place to Work’ survey did not go as well as you expected.



15. When people tell you that if you do good work, the money will come.


16. When management tells you they aren’t hiring a replacement for your colleague who just quit and it’s your lucky day: you will be given more responsibility!


17. When your partner’s parents and their friends find out how much you make.


 18. When your boss tells you that everyone got a 3% raise this year.

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Zarir De Vitre

Zarir De Vitre

Zarir has over eight years of experience in the sustainability space across functions such as strategy, research, communications, capacity building, employee engagement, reporting, and assurance. As an independent consultant over the past two years he has advised and supported clients with a range of services including sustainability strategy, corporate social responsibility, research, reporting, and communications. Prior to freelancing, Zarir has worked at the Tata Sustainability Group, Ernst & Young and the Mahindra Group.

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  1. I can’t stop laughing after reading the Game of Thrones and Miniature paining series. These are the must reads for everyone in the sector !! Fantastic reads IDR!

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