January 10, 2022

2021’s best memes: The IDR edition

Self burns are really the best burns.

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From Shashi Tharoor smashing a coconut to one of the biggest container ships in the world getting stuck in the Suez Canal, 2021 brought us some great memes. And as we begin a new year, our team decided to use some of those formats to laugh at ourselves.


an image of a woman wearing a black jacket. She is looking at the camera while waving her right hand-nonprofit humour


an image of Shashi Tharoor in the act of cracking a coconut while three men and one woman look on-nonprofit humour


an image of four people standing next to each other at an international festival-nonprofit humour


an image of a man taking a selfie as the area behind him is on fire, and is emitting black smoke-nonprofit humour


a screenshot of a tweet from India Development review asking, "You want us to apply for an FCRA license? The thing that attacked 6000 organisations?"-nonprofit humour


an image of a small crane trying work on a ship stuck in a water body. The ship is multiple times the size of the crane-nonprofit humour


an image of a young Yoda, from Star Wars, and an older Yoda side by side-nonprofit humour


a screenshot of a tweet by IDR saying "The nonprofit urge to continue doing field visits during a global pandemic."-nonprofit humour


a cartoon of two men in a bus along a mountainous road. One man is looking over the edge at scenery. He has a smile on his face. The other man's view is that of nothing but mountain rock. He has a sad and nervous face-nonprofit humour

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