August 21, 2023

Being Salman Khan

We looked through Salman Khan’s Twitter, and we think he would make a good development sector influencer. Don’t believe us? We have proof.

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1. On water security:

2. On agriculture:

3. On being a responsible voter:

4. On livelihoods:

5. On the climate emergency:

6. On pollution:

7. On youth engagement:

8. On philanthropy:

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Cincy Jose

Cincy Jose works at IDR as editor – content and also manages its translation workstream. Prior to this she spent seven years in the publishing industry as senior copy editor at Juggernaut Books and editor at DK Books India. She holds master’s and bachelor’s degrees in English literature from Miranda House and Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University.

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Srishti Gupta

Srishti Gupta is an editorial analyst at IDR where she’s responsible for writing, editing, and translating content. She previously worked in an editorial capacity at Springer Nature. She holds a master’s degree in political science and is interested in researching gender, social justice, security, and international relations.