August 14, 2023

Business as usual

Maybe a reality cheque will solve the problem?

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Split image: Left showing company's work site with deforestation, pollution; Right showing the company's CSR office with a person saying 'Would you be interested in guiding our efforts to combat climate change?"_climate change
Picture courtesy: Meet Kakadiya
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Meet Kakadiya

Meet Kakadiya is a social media executive at IDR, where he writes social media copy and carries out daily posting. He has prior experience in digital capacity building from his work with School for Democracy in rural Rajasthan. Meet is a design graduate with a major in Urban Design from CEPT University, Ahmedabad.

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Shreya Adhikari

Shreya is an editorial associate at IDR, where she manages podcasts, in addition to writing, editing, sourcing, and publishing content. She has more than seven years of experience as a media and communications professional, and has been involved in the curation and production of various art and culture festivals in India and internationally, including the Jaipur Literature Festival—where she was a core team member.