May 22, 2023

Venn diagrams of your workplace anxiety

It seems so much worse when it's drawn out, doesn't it?

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Venn diagram of stressful interactions is a circle: three circles; first labeled "A meeting that should have been an email;" second labeled "The long email I have to respond to, to avoid the meeting;" third labeled "The 'quick phone call' I have to answer to avoid the long email." The circles are on top of each other with third circle taking 90 percent of the space_nonprofit humour


Venn diagram of calling all climate change professionals: A big circle labeled "Time spent stressing about work commute, personal finances, zoom calls, and small daily interactions." A second very small circle on top of the big circle labeled "Time spent stressing about climate change"_nonprofit humour


Venn diagram of ideal working style: two circles; first labeled "People who focus on work first, then play;" second labeled "People who focus on play first, then work." The circles overlap in the middle labeled "People who cannot focus on work, play, or rest because they're always stressed out."_nonprofit humour


Venn diagram saying you can contain multitudes: three circles; first labeled "at work;" second labeled "at home;" third labeled "with friends." The circles overlap in a central position labeled "The knowledge that you first felt stressed in 2008 and haven't managed to undo it since."_nonprofit humour


Venn diagram saying every day is a new day: two circles; first labeled "Pause every time someone breathes too loudly;" second labeled "Race through the presentation without stopping for a breath." The circles overlap in the middle labeled "You fundraising colleague's anxiety brain."_nonprofit humour


Chart presenting your top workplace stressors - ranked in a bar graph percentage-wise. First bar labeled "performance reviews" at about 40 percent; second bar labeled "leading a meeting" at about 60 percent; third bar labeled "a slack message that only says 'Hey'" at 100 percent_nonprofit humour
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