Abi T Vanak

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Abi T Vanak is the director of the Centre for Policy Design at ATREE. He’s an ecologist and has a Ph.D. in Wildlife Science from the University of Missouri, USA. He has published over a 100 papers, book chapters and articles on a diverse range of topics, including carnivore ecology, human-wildlife coexistence, savanna ecosystems, disease ecology, OneHealth, and conservation policy. He works closely on the Science-Policy-Practice interface in ATREE’s key areas of expertise in land conservation and restoration, livelihoods and human well-being.

Articles by Abi T Vanak

indian fox in arid wasteland-India conservation

October 25, 2023
Greening ‘wastelands’ doesn’t guarantee a greener India
In pursuit of India's net-zero goals, wastelands are being repurposed for renewable energy and afforestation projects. This poses a threat to the diverse ecosystems they encompass and the communities dependent on them.
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