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Annette Francis has been with the youth training arm of Pratham Education Foundation since 2018. Her areas of focus include workforce development and technology-driven skill training. An alum of the University of Edinburgh, she has previously worked in a teaching capacity with organisations based in India and Scotland. You can reach Annette at

Articles by Annette Francis

close up of a person block printing-vocational training

March 5, 2021
The need to invest in vocational training
A look into the challenges faced by blue-collar workers during this pandemic shows us why we need to build on the momentum of the NEP and invest in skill development.
Young Indian girl seated alongside two older Indians-migration

March 6, 2019
Women, work, and migration
Social barriers have historically been blamed for the lack of gender parity in the workplace. But there are other dimensions to this age-old discourse.
Two construction workers talking

October 18, 2018
Bringing informal workers to the forefront of our economy
With 81 percent of India’s employed workforce being in the informal sector, we can't afford to ignore their potential. Here's how entrepreneurship could offer a solution.
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