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Ashif Shaikh is an Indian social activist, known for his role in Rashtriya Garima Abhiyan, a campaign for the eradication of manual scavenging. He is also a co-founder of Jan Sahas, a human rights organisation. Since 2000, Jan Sahas has been working to end caste- and gender-based slavery and violence through the eradication of manual scavenging, caste-based sex work, forced labour, and trafficking. He has won several awards for this work, including the Sadbhavana Award and the Times of India Social Impact Award.

Articles by Ashif Shaikh

A construction worker in India - Ajaya Behera, Gram Vikas

April 29, 2020
Making labour systems work
The lockdown has exposed the extreme vulnerability of migrant workers. Could it also help to create a system of labour and profit that is more balanced and equitable?

April 20, 2020
Mobile relief
A crowded bus in India

March 29, 2020
“The government response cannot begin and end with the lockdown”
Efforts undertaken by nonprofits and volunteers to address the plight of stranded migrant workers are being impeded by the lack of clarity or response from the government.
Jan sahas-community moblisation

April 25, 2019
Want social change? Give communities more agency
No external force can bring about real change in society. Only the community itself can. 
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