Dayoung Lee

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Dayoung Lee is a partner at Dalberg Advisors and a co-lead of the firm’s Education to Employment Practice. Her recent work includes the design of the Back-to-School Outcomes Fund, performance management of the Quality Education India (QEI) Development Impact Bond, determining the cost-effectiveness of education interventions in India, advising India’s leading education foundation on the country’s EdTech policy, and conducting several feasibility studies for outcomes-based financing programmes.

Articles by Dayoung Lee

a man taking a class in a bamboo hut--edtech

June 9, 2023
Making EdTech work in low resource settings
Ensuring the proactive involvement of teachers is key to maximising the impact of EdTech in low resource settings. How can nonprofits help achieve this?
Children studying

October 30, 2020
“The most useful data is not always a hard number”
Four lessons on how data can be used to keep programmes on the right track.
cards tower_impact bonds_pxhere

May 5, 2020
Five myths about impact bonds
With impact bonds gaining traction as a means of financing, there are many misconceptions and myths around them in the sector. Here are the truths that dispel those myths.
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