Garima Deveshwar-Bahl

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Garima is a leadership coach and the founder of Avasaram. Prior to starting Avasaram, Garima spent 16 years in the development sector with the World Bank, UNICEF, and the nonprofit SNEHA in Mumbai. She brings extensive knowledge of public health both from India and overseas, and of working with large, diverse teams, often in resource-constrained settings. Garima has a masters in economics from the University of Cambridge and a masters in public health from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Articles by Garima Deveshwar-Bahl

iceberg partially underwater-leadership

April 29, 2020
What it takes to be an ‘Abundant Leader’
Effective leadership goes beyond outward-facing skills such as managing people and growing organisations. What matters is mastering the ‘inner game’ of introspection. Here are some concrete ways to do so.
Talent girls holding up a ball

June 7, 2017
Waking up to the talent you already have
Identifying, grooming and nurturing talent from within calls for deep commitment and investment from organisations. Here are five retention strategies that can help.
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