March 20, 2024

“As a philanthropist, it is your failures that shape you”

Amit Chandra, co-founder of ATE Chandra Foundation, discusses his life as a philanthropist, speaks about his values and anxieties, and shares some lessons for his peers.

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Amit Chandra is the co-founder of ATE Chandra Foundation, one of India’s largest philanthropic foundations that focuses on social sector capacity building and sustainable rural development.

He has been a trustee of the Tata Trusts, a founder/board member of Ashoka University, a board member of Give India and The Akanksha Foundation. He also is the chairperson and founder of Bain Capital, India, and has served as a board member at Tata Sons, Genpact, L&T Finance, Emcure Pharmaceuticals, Piramal Enterprises, and Tata Investment Corporation.

In this wide-ranging conversation with India Development Review, Amit talks about the philanthropic values that matter to him, the challenges that donors face, the need for a community-centric approach to giving, and the lessons that failures teach.

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