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Natasha Joshi is an education specialist based out of Bangalore. She has worked with education departments in India, Mexico and Singapore, and holds a degree in Human Development and Psychology.

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Graphic with different Indian languages

March 12, 2020
Why Indian children can’t read
How does one interpret the annual ASER results, where Grade V children can't read a Grade II textbook in their local language? Is it because of poor teaching in schools or is there something to the vernacular we are missing?
Children giving exams in Jaura, India_Right to Education RTE_No Detention Policy

April 10, 2019
No-detention: Why did a popular policy get scrapped?
Along with the original designers of the RTE, a large majority of teachers and students have also advocated against holding children back. More states voted in favour of the no-detention policy than those who voted against it.
blackboard chalk duster Indian education

March 29, 2018
Learning new lessons to revive secondary education
With traditional solutions failing to solve India’s public education woes, it is time to explore alternative approaches that prioritise learning over schooling.
Drawing of girls studying outdoors

November 15, 2017
Our solutions for education aren’t working. Here’s why.
Is our approach to the learning crisis in our country all wrong? While the focus today is on systems, infrastructure and assessments, the real drivers of change lie elsewhere.
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