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Nivedita Krishna (ACS, LLB) is a social sector lawyer. Through her firm Pacta, Nivedita helps set up for-purpose organisations (including nonprofits and CSR) and implement sustainable development goals. Pacta also provides legal consulting, compliance, operations strategy, and policy advisory services.

Articles by Nivedita Krishna

Auto rickshaw meter saying for hire_platform cooperatives

January 20, 2023
Platform co-ops: Democratising the digital economy
The dominance of a few aggregator platforms offering food delivery and transport services harms workers and consumers alike. How can platform cooperatives help?
Children participating in the Specially_Abled_Games_India-children with disabilities

April 27, 2021
Inclusive education for children with disabilities during COVID-19
Why inclusive education practices for children with disabilities may be under threat in a post-pandemic India.
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