Nushaiba Iqbal

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Nushaiba Iqbal works as a reporter and analyst at IndiaSpend.

Articles by Nushaiba Iqbal

A barber and his client sit in front of the barber shop_poverty estimates in India

June 2, 2023
Do we know how many people in India live in poverty?
India’s poverty estimates are outdated. In the absence of accurate data, social security schemes cannot be expected to reach their intended targets.
A photo a house in Vasad, Gujarat with a women sitting in the verandah-poverty

April 27, 2022
Who is ‘officially’ poor in India?
Households just above the poverty line in India may still be deprived in many ways. Here's why we need to adopt an alternate definition of poverty.
man holding foodgrains in hand - food subsidies

March 25, 2022
Why India’s food subsidies are not enough
The public distribution system (PDS) is one of the government’s top five expenses. Yet food subsidies are inadequate. Here’s what can be done to improve the programme.
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