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Rahul Ahluwalia is currently working as a consultant with the policy team of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, India Country Office. He has previously worked at NITI Aayog, where he contributed to policy documents on governance, education, poverty measurement and water resources. Prior to that he has worked at Brookings India, IFMR and ISB as a researcher, with the broad theme of trying to identify the impact of policies through econometric analysis using large Indian datasets. He has an MBA from IIM Calcutta and a masters in economics from the University of British Columbia.

Articles by Rahul Ahluwalia

Hands and feet of a mother and child

April 26, 2018
Addressing inequality in India
Efforts at tackling India’s inequality can hope to succeed only if they go beyond economic measures of progress and address the underlying factors that continue to keep people in poverty.
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