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Nachiket Mor is trained as an economist. His current work is principally focused on the design of national and regional health systems. He is a visiting scientist at the Banyan Academy of Leadership in Mental Health and a senior research fellow at The Centre for Information Technology and Public Policy at IIIT Bangalore. Nachiket is also a commissioner on the Lancet Citizens’ Commission on Reimagining India’s Health System.

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Health Systems

Articles by Nachiket Mor

incense sticks burning in a plate_rituals

December 16, 2022
The importance of rituals in behaviour change
Rituals are often seen as mere superstitions in direct opposition to biomedical practices. Here's why this understanding is a mistake.
Children huddled over a small blackboard as one of them draws on it with a chalk-education

June 8, 2022
What’s missing from India’s education system?
Young people in India are part of an education system that values academic achievement the most. Here are some evidence-based interventions that can offer them a holistic learning experience.
A room in a hospital with a line of hospital beds in India_private healthcare

March 18, 2021
Can private healthcare provide more value to consumers?
Given the inadequate government allocations to healthcare, we need to nudge the private sector to provide affordable primary care to consumers.

January 28, 2021
Public funds have been poorly allocated
Ahead of Budget 2021, India needs to rethink its overall strategy for the investment of public funds.
doctor attending to a patient-universal healthcare

July 3, 2020
A pathway to universal healthcare in India
Healthcare for all doesn’t have to remain a distant dream if we focus on leveraging technology, building care networks, and offering universal insurance.
Hands and feet of a mother and child

April 26, 2018
Addressing inequality in India
Efforts at tackling India’s inequality can hope to succeed only if they go beyond economic measures of progress and address the underlying factors that continue to keep people in poverty.
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