Ruth A Shapiro

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Dr Ruth A Shapiro is the founder and chief executive of the Centre for Asian Philanthropy and Society (CAPS), a research and advisory nonprofit organisation based in Hong Kong and working throughout Asia. Dr Shapiro is the primary author of Pragmatic Philanthropy: Asian Charity Explained and has published articles in the Nikkei Economic Review, the South China Morning Post, and Philanthropy Impact. She is a regular speaker on issues related to private social investment in Asia.

Articles by Ruth A Shapiro

Padlocks on a railing_social sector

September 6, 2022
Building trust in the social sector
What can be done to mitigate the trust deficit and enable a more supportive ecosystem for India’s social impact sector?
water fountain with hands_pixabay

December 18, 2020
The ease of doing good in India
Understanding how governments and philanthropy can create an environment to drive capital into the social sector. 
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