Shalaka Chauhan

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Shalaka Chauhan is a social designer by training. Her work focuses on urban planning vis-à-vis urban poverty and inequality. She is currently a project associate with the Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action (YUVA), where she works on participatory city planning and housing rights and engages with informal sector workers and their right to basic services and entitlements. She also coordinates the ‘Main Bhi Dilli’ campaign, a citizen-led intitiative to make Delhi a just, inclusive, and sustainable city, and is associated with the National Hawker Federation.

Articles by Shalaka Chauhan

a street vendor selling paani puri on a blue cart - street vendors act

March 1, 2022
It’s time to step up for street vendors’ rights
If implemented effectively, the Street Vendors Act, 2014 is an opportunity to prioritise the welfare of the urban poor and enhance their livelihoods.
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