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Shamik is CEO of Dr Reddy's Foundation. He joined in 2015 and has extensive experience leading and managing large social sector programmes aimed at improving lives of the poor in partnership with communities, government, development agencies, and the private sector. Before joining DRF, he was the Chief of Party of Bihar Technical Support Programme for CARE India. Over the years Shamik has worked with leaders in both the public and private sectors, including GoI, BMGF, DFID, EU, and Indian and international nonprofits. His core interest areas are strategy, organisation building and leadership.

Articles by Shamik Trehan

woman cycling past public health centre-healthcare in India-COVID-19

April 9, 2020
COVID-19: A unique opportunity to reform our health systems
A strong public health system will benefit everyone, and there is no better time than now to make it a reality.
barbed wire-exclusion

January 30, 2020
Building inclusive communities is the task of civil society
Until communities stop excluding people based on gender, caste, class, and religion, efforts to achieve the SDGs will always fall short.
Indian women with their babies waiting for immunisation

March 20, 2019
A different approach to working with the government
We often have a binary view of working with the government—focusing either on accountability or reform. There is a third method that leverages government resources as a public good.
honeycomb with bees

June 27, 2018
Getting problem-solving right
In the absence of a clear definition of a problem and the parameters for success, attempting to solve for it can get complicated and yield little or no results.
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