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Sharanya Menon is an editorial analyst at IDR. In addition to writing, editing, and sourcing content, she also supports the team with website management. Prior to this, Sharanya interned at The Institute of Chinese Studies and The YP Foundation. She recently graduated with an integrated masters in development studies from IIT Madras.

Articles by Sharanya Menon

Classroom with school uniform wearing children-development impact bonds

February 4, 2021
“How can finance lead to more sustainable impact?”
Abha Thorat Shah and Saleem Khan of British Asian Trust talk about the appetite for social finance in India and what it takes to build a robust ecosystem around it.
school girls standing together-COVID-19-eductaion_Picture courtesy : Flickr

November 18, 2020
Education in India needs an overhaul
The ASER 2020 report reveals that Indian schools saw high dropout rates and declining enrolment rates even before the COVID-19 pandemic.
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