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Shireen Jejeebhoy is Director at Aksha Centre for Equity and Wellbeing, and Distinguished Visiting Faculty at the International Institute for Population Sciences. She is a demographer and social scientist whose work has focused on young people's health and development, and gender and rights. Prior to this, Shireen was Senior Associate at the Population Council, India for almost 14 years. She has written extensively on women's education and empowerment, violence, sexual and reproductive health, gender and rights, and adolescent health and development.

Articles by Shireen Jejeebhoy

man in black sandles and woman in blue saree-child marriage

February 22, 2023
Assam CM’s crackdown on child marriage must stop
By criminalising child marriage, the Assam government is undermining the importance of choice and prevention, and tearing families apart in the process.
An image showing a crack on the ground_marital rape

May 17, 2022
The split verdict on marital rape is a blow to women’s rights in India
Robust action against marital rape is necessary for India to end violence against women in all forms and fulfil its commitment to gender equality.
A group of women in Uttar Pradesh with their children_©Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation_Prashant Panjiar

July 14, 2021
What does UP’s population policy mean for reproductive rights?
Rather than ensuring reproductive rights for its citizens, Uttar Pradesh’s new population policy violates them.
Two women sitting

November 12, 2020
No room for consent
The politics of 'love jihad' has deep roots in our patriarchal society. Individual agency needs a voice, now more than ever.
young girl standing- pc Sanlaap

November 5, 2020
How did young people access care during the lockdown?
One hundred and eleven youth-serving organisations in India shared their experiences with reported health-related concerns and challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.
close up of two hands one with mehendi on it-child marriage

September 8, 2020
Should India raise the minimum age of marriage?
Improving compliance with the existing law on the prohibition of child marriage will be more effective than raising the minimum age of marriage.
five young girls in line-COVID-19_Indian adolescents_Picture courtesy: Anand Sinha

May 20, 2020
The pandemic’s impact on adolescents
We cannot let the advances we have made in accelerating education, delaying child marriage, addressing sexual and reproductive health needs, and building agency, be dissipated.

August 28, 2019
India’s population explosion narrative is misleading
The debate on the country's population needs to be centred around the promotion of rights and education, instead of the language of explosion and the threat of coercion that this term implies.
women in Dharavi programme implementation

March 14, 2018
Test and prepare before you implement
The best designed programmes sometimes falter on the ground because they skip an important stage: testing, and the preparatory work needed to get implementation right.
A child standing with a cycle

October 11, 2017
Empowering adolescent women: A data-backed guide to methods that work
Here’s the most comprehensive India-centric guide on understanding what the evidence tells us about working with adolescents—the approaches that have worked and are ready for scale-up, those that look promising, and where there are gaps.
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