Subrata Singh

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Subrata Singh is the acting Executive Director of the Foundation for Ecological Security. He has more than 27 years of experience working on issues related to land and water commons, natural resource management, community governance, polycentric governance, and public policy.

Articles by Subrata Singh

Women walking in a dry forest_common lands

September 6, 2023
What a national registry can do for India’s common lands
The lack of comprehensive data on India’s common lands affects conservation, resource use, and land rights. A national registry could change this.
cattles grazing in village common land

June 27, 2023
Panchayats can help conserve India’s common lands
Regular land audits and access to data can help the panchayats prevent encroachment and better govern the common lands.
A cow on the left and a number of sheep grazing a field. There's a water source in the middle_land rights commons

May 24, 2022
Public land protection cells: A new hope for our commons
Beyond settling disputes and restoring encroached lands to communities, public land protection cells can play a larger role in the governance and management of common lands.
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