Syamkrishnan P Aryan

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Syamkrishnan P Aryan is a senior modeller with the Rural Futures programme at the Water, Environment, Land and Livelihoods (WELL) Labs, a research centre in the Institute of Financial Management and Research Society. He has approximately six years of experience working with governments, social enterprises, cooperatives, and start-ups. Syamkrishnan was also associated with the International Water Management Institute to assess the Mission Kakatiya project by the Telangana government. He graduated from the Institute of Rural Management, Anand.

Areas of expertise

Agriculture, Rural livelihoods, Business modelling , Financial analysis

Articles by Syamkrishnan P Aryan

two farmers standing in a field-carbon credits

May 11, 2023
Climate mitigation: Can carbon credits ensure farmers don’t pay the price?
Reducing carbon emissions in agriculture is important, but placing the burden on farmers is unfair. A robust carbon credit system can safeguard their interests as they switch to sustainable practices.
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