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Urmee is Director, Ogaan Cancer Foundation—the CSR arm of Ogaan Media Publishers—which is focused on fund raising and awareness building for breast cancer. She is also CEO and Founding Director, Common Ground, a nonprofit company that works to catalyse innovative design solutions for Indian urban public spaces. Urmee began her career in the microfinance sector as part of the core founding team at Swadhaar FinAccess and has also served as an independent director on the board of a leading real estate company. She has a degree in Architecture from CEPT, Ahmedabad and a Masters in Urban Planning and International Development from the University of Michigan.

Articles by Urmee Mehta Mankar

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August 8, 2018
Looking beyond CSR spends
There is an opportunity, and a real need, for a paradigm shift in corporate India's approach to giving. What if companies were rated annually not only on how much, but on how well they give?
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