April 28, 2021

How you can support nonprofits in their COVID-19 relief efforts in 2021

A credible list of social sector organisations, whose COVID-19 relief efforts you can support.

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This article was last updated at 3 PM on June 14th, 2021.

Below is a list of social sector organisations and collectives that are engaged in fighting COVID-19 across India. It is updated daily, with the information provided by the organisations themselves. Listed in alphabetical order.

If your organisation needs support as you respond to this second wave, please tell us about it by filling out this form.

For supporters: If you’re looking to donate to a particular cause, community, or geography, please filter using Ctrl+F and searching for the keyword.

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The need at the moment is threefold:

  • Supply of oxygen cylinders/concentrators and drugs/medicines to healthcare facilities, where there is a massive shortage and lives are being lost as a result.
  • Supply of PPE kits and food and rations to migrant workers and vulnerable families in rural India who have lost their means of livelihoods and have no income; hunger and deprivation are real issues here.
  • Creating awareness around vaccinations and the severity of the second wave in rural India,  as there is still a great deal of vaccine hesitancy there. This reluctance to get vaccinated is resulting in large parts of rural India getting infected as well.

Additionally, there is also a need to provide livelihood support as well as mental health and counselling services for the thousands of families who have lost their jobs and loved ones. 

While most of the attention and efforts at the moment are focussed on sourcing oxygen and drugs, the real need very soon is going to be around addressing hunger, providing livelihoods, ensuring vaccination saturation in rural India, and providing mental health and counselling services. 

1. Aagaaz Theatre Trust

Relief efforts: Raising funds worth INR 80,000 to provide support for eight families in Nizamuddin Basti, New Delhi; providing medicines and vitamin supplements to COVID-19 positive individuals and N95 masks to the community; providing one ration kit worth INR 5,000 with medicines and supplements for a whole family of eight (on average)
Location: Delhi$states = array(); ?> ( New Delhi )
Communities served: Hazrat Nizamuddin Basti
Current needs: Funding for continuing to support eight families and provide affected individuals and the community with ration kits, medicines and supplements, and masks
Contact information: [email protected]
Donation Link: https://rzp.io/l/MJX03P6

2. Aaradhya Foundation

Relief efforts: Distributing dry ration (25 kgs bag) to 450 BPL households; creating sustainable livelihood options for migrant labourers who have come back; providing 1500 lemon saplings, training, fertilisers, manures, and also cultivating 10 acres of their barren land.
Location: West Bengal$states = array(); ?> ( Jalpaiguri district )
Communities served: Communities such as Rajbanshi, Adivasi, Nepali, Bhutia, and others
Current needs: Funding to generate sustainable livelihood options in the forest villages for the migrant labourers who have returned. They have many barren lands which if cultivated can be high yielding, resulting in the generation of sustainable livelihood for the next 25 years
Contact information: +91 9474429484
Donation Details: Please reach out to the organisation directly using the contact information provided. Account number: 02760110041192; IFSC UCBA0000276
Can accept international payment

3. Aarambh

Relief efforts: Providing packed cooked meals for children, the elderly and the sick; providing medical facilities and medicines for non-COVID-19 cases; providing dry rations to migrant workers
Location: Maharashtra$states = array(); ?> ( Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Murbad in Thane district and Wai in Satara district )
Communities served: Migrant workers; daily wage earners; landless farmers
Current needs: Funding for providing ration kits worth INR 840 each to 860 families each month (INR 7,22,400); to cover medical costs—medicines and doctor consultation fees worth approximately INR 230 per patient—for 160 patients (INR 36,800); for providing food and rations support for midday meals worth INR 18,500 to 610 children
Contact information: [email protected] or +91 98206 16940
Can accept international payment

4. Aarohanum

Relief efforts: Distributing meals and ration kits in collaboration with Cummins Foundation in Phaltan, Satara; providing protective material–sodium hypochlorite, PPE Kits, hand wash, thermal guns, and sanitisers–in collation with the Cummins Foundation to local authorities in Phaltan, Satara; providing food packets and ration kits to slums and shelter homes in Pune in collaboration with the Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DICCI); conducted a survey for identifying potential COVID-19 cases in Alandi; conducted online awareness sessions about COVID-19 for Buldhana and Akola
Location: Maharashtra$states = array(); ?> ( Maharashtra )
Communities served: Communities in Pune and Phaltan, Satara
Current needs: Funding for conducting an online social media campaign to amplify COVID-19 awareness in Maharashtra in a clear and targeted manner; for disseminating human stories at the district level to allow for integrated advocacy, communication, and social media mobilisation to in turn create awareness about the vaccine and curb the spread of COVID-19 in Maharashtra
Contact information: [email protected] or +91 81087 08080
Donation Details: Name: Aarohanam; Bank Name: HDFC Bank; Account Number: 50100251366154; IFSC Code: HDFC0000149; MICR Code: 411240009

5. Abhivruddi Society for Social Development

Relief efforts: Raising awareness about COVID-19 and preventative measures like home isolation; maintaining verified toll-free helpline numbers to provide emergency support; distributing sanitisers, masks, hand gloves, fruits, vegetables, and groceries
Location: Karnataka$states = array(); ?> ( Tumkur, Banglore, and Mysore )
Communities served: Children who call in through the 1098 Childline; daily-wage workers; senior citizens; slum-dwelling communities; pregnant women
Current needs: Funding for continuing IEC activity to raise awareness among the communities by conducting basic surveys and focus group discussions; for organising a health check-up camp and setting up a mobile health clinic and to cover the cost of required workers—doctor, nurses, etc.; providing primary health care facilities and creating awareness around basic healthcare like the importance of clean drinking water and proper nutrition and sanitation
Contact information: [email protected] or +91 94483 70387
Donation Link: http://www.abhivruddi.com/donate.php
Can accept international payment

6. Action of Human Movement (AHM)

Relief efforts: Providing dry rations; providing financial assistance; providing sanitary kits to low-income families and those in need
Location: Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry$states = array(); ?> ( Tamil Nadu; Pondicherry )
Communities served: Daily wage earners, market vendors, COVID-19 affected families, children, and frontline workers
Current needs: Funding for procuring and distributing dry rations, sanitary kits, masks, and sanitisers
Contact information: +91 94435 96715
Donation Link: http://ahmngo.org/online_donation.php
Can accept international payment

7. Adarsh Shiksha Samiti

Relief efforts: Collecting data for information on COVID-19; counselling programme on COVID-19; distributing masks, dry ration kits, cooked food packets, medicines, and oximeters; IEC/BCC materials distribution on COVID-19, distributing personal protective equipment (PPE) kits
Location: Rajasthan$states = array(); ?> ( Udaipur )
Communities served: Children, women, people from marginalised groups
Current needs: Funding to provide knowledge, encouraging change in attitudes, and promoting commitments to COVID-19 prevention and control; to mentor local volunteers and staff to accelerate COVID-19 prevention measures; to collect data about COVID-19; to run a counselling program; to build networks with the officials of key government staff, journalists, lawyers, doctors, civil society, and NGO representatives; to recruit staff; to provide healthcare support to COVID-19 patients; to distribute IEC/BCC materials; to provide personal protective equipment (PPE); to distribute Food to COVID-19 affected people; to run a waste management program
Contact information: [email protected] or +91 97845 42243
Donation Link: https://www.adarshshikshango.org

8. Adharshila

Relief efforts: Providing online medical consultation to patients; distributing hygiene and sanitation kits; distributing COVID-19 home isolation care kits
Location: Delhi$states = array(); ?> ( Delhi-NCR )
Communities served: Harkesh Nagar; Okhla, Kalkaji; Tigri, Noida; Gwal Pahari; Baliawas; Bandhwari; Jona Pur; Mandi; Chilla village
Current needs: Funding for paying consultation fees and salaries to nurses
Contact information: [email protected] or +91 98101 37592, +91 72176 00000
Donation Link: https://adharshilango.org/contribute#donate`
Can accept international payment

9. Adhyayan Quality Education Foundation

Relief efforts: COVID-19 Youth Volunteers Squad: relief with a focus on ensuring awareness and safety of the communities in Goa through high school and higher secondary school student volunteers who will be creating content and engaging through Peer Learning Circles; addressing the crisis in education due to extended school closures by leveraging the community to 'Bridge the Gap' due to learning loss through COVID-19 (Any location)
Location: Arunachal Pradesh, Goa, Tripura$states = array(); ?> ( Education Ecosystem of Goa, Arunachal Pradesh and Tripura (including school leaders, school complexes, and state education departments through whom we reach students, parents and teachers) )
Communities served:
Current needs: Funding for Youth Volunteer Squad where 1,644 students from high schools and higher secondary schools in Goa, under the guidance of AQEF and a network of doctors, collect information of their communities virtually about cases, relief requirements and create content for spreading awareness on safety protocols and vaccination. We want to orient and train the students through Peer Learning Circles at block levels and push for evidence-based independent learning for their own growth.
Contact information: [email protected]
Donation Link: https://fundraisers.giveindia.org/projects/only-one-childhood-with-14-months-of-disrupted-school-due-to-covid-indian-children-stand-to-lose-their-future

10. Adivasi Lives Matter

Relief efforts: Providing ration kits, basic medical kits, and running awareness campaigns debunking myths around vaccines in rural areas
Location: Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu, Tripura$states = array(); ?> ( Gariaband, Dhamtari, Nilgiri, and West Tripura districts )
Communities served: Kattu Nayakans, Kurumbas, and Paniyans in Nilgiri district; Kamar and Bhunjiyas in Gariaband and Dhamtari districts (Nagri and Magarlod blocks); Reang, Kokborok, and Mulson tribes from West Tripura district
Current needs: Funding for providing ration kits to 6,000 families; basic medical kits for 15,000 individuals; and running vaccination awareness campaigns
Contact information: [email protected]
Donation Link: https://fundraisers.giveindia.org/fundraisers/alm-emergency-covid-19-relief-for-adivasis-particularly-vulnerable-tribal-groups-pvtg
Can accept international payment

11. Adivasi Mahila Aapsi Madad Pahal

Relief efforts: Distributing ration kits; providing rent support; distributing medical equipment
Location: Madhya Pradesh$states = array(); ?>
Communities served: Adivasi and Gond communities; communities living in urban slums
Current needs: Funding for continuing relief efforts and initiatives
Contact information: +91 98455 09603
Donation Details: Account Name: Madhu Dhurve; Account Number: 68012901927; Bank Name: Bank of Maharashtra; IFSC Code: MAHB0000946

12. Adventist Development and Relief Agency India

Relief efforts: Provision of five oxygen generation plants to hospitals; providing food support to more than 10,000 households; risk communication and community engagement (RCCE) activities across several states; supporting migrant households with cash transfers; supporting government centres for boosting vaccination; providing medical equipment such as oxygen concentrators, ventilators, PPEs, etc. to hospitals
Location: Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal$states = array(); ?>
Communities served: Migrant and informal workers impacted due to COVID-19; charitable hospitals; local communities
Current needs: Funding for supporting larger vaccination drives, rural hospitals with medical equipment, and hospitals conducting vaccination drives; for providing psychosocial counselling
Contact information: [email protected]
Donation Link: https://adraindia.org/get-involved/donate-2/
Can accept international payment

13. Agnesh Multipurpose Development Society

Relief efforts: Organising awareness programmes; organising the distribution of masks and sanitisers; organising the distribution of essential food items
Location: Andhra Pradesh$states = array(); ?> ( Andhra Pradesh )
Communities served: Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes
Current needs: Funding for purchasing and distributing masks, medicines, and essential food items
Contact information: [email protected] or +91 83176 11866
Can accept international payment

14. Agrasar

Relief efforts: Sourcing and providing oxygen cylinders, oxygen flow meters, and oxygen masks to patients in home-care settings (and across states, as needed); assisting with refilling cylinders on a real-time basis and developing processes that are streamlined and ready to scale up; distributing 200,000 cotton fabric masks and 4,000 N95 masks over a period of three months; providing 100 oximeters and 100 thermometers to 1,000 families
Location: Haryana, Delhi$states = array(); ?> ( Gurugram )
Communities served: Migrant workers and their families
Current needs: Funding for continuing initiatives and relief efforts
Contact information: [email protected]
Donation Link: https://fundraisers.giveindia.org/projects/support-us-fight-against-covid19
Can accept international payment

15. Akhil Bhartiya Gramodyog Seva Sansthan

Relief efforts: Conducting a survey to study migrant labourers, the underprivileged, and other vulnerable communities in remote villages during the second wave of COVID-19; distributing ration in bulk to migrant labourers, the underprivileged, and other vulnerable communities; organising an awareness drive in rural communities about the second wave of COVID-19; providing masks, soaps, and sanitisers and spreading awareness about using them regularly
Location: Uttar Pradesh$states = array(); ?> ( Uttar Pradesh )
Communities served: Schedule castes; schedule tribes; landless and marginalised communities
Current needs: Funding for purchasing ration kits, soaps, sanitisers, masks and for arranging transportation. Please contact us in case somebody wants to provide ration kits or health kits in kind.
Contact information: [email protected] or +91 80521 95204, +91 94150 00000
Can accept international payment

16. Akhil Bhartiya Samaj Sewa Sansthan (ABSSS)

Relief efforts: Raising awareness about COVID-19 appropriate behaviour and protocols through wall writing, distributing pamphlets, and counselling migrants; distributing masks; providing support on accessing drinking water, the public distribution system (PDS), and wages
Location: Uttar Pradesh$states = array(); ?> ( Chitrakoot district )
Communities served: SC, OBC, and vulnerable communities
Current needs: Funding for providing masks, sanitisers, PPE kits, thermal guns, and pulse meters; distributing ration kits
Contact information: [email protected] or +91 94153 10662
Can accept international payment

17. Akshaya Aahara Foundation

Relief efforts: Providing food to daily wage workers, people living in slums, and unemployed migrants; providing grocery kits to low-income families
Location: Karnataka$states = array(); ?> ( Mysore )
Communities served: All communities facing food crisis including daily wage workers, people living in slums unemployed migrants, and low-income families
Current needs: Funding to buy groceries for preparing food, grocery kits, paper plates, masks, sanitisers; to cover our food distribution vehicle fuel costs.
Contact information: [email protected] or +91 90043 57307, +91 91489 87375
Donation Link: https://www.akshayaaahara.org/donate.html

18. Amcha Ghar (My Home)

Relief efforts: Donation of PPE kits; providing dry ration to people in need; supporting education
Location: Maharashtra$states = array(); ?> ( Uttan and Thane )
Communities served: Orphaned children; senior citizens; women in need
Current needs: Funding for distributing 200 dry rations monthly until December 2021; for providing virtual mentoring to children
Contact information: +91 95118 90556
Donation Link: https://www.amchaghar.org/donation-type
Can accept international payment

19. American India Foundation

Relief efforts: Providing oxygen concentrators, ventilators, PPE, BiPAP, and pulse oximeters for hospitals and frontline healthcare workers; setting up Centralized Oxygen Pipeline System for uninterrupted medical oxygen supply; setting up portable hospital units in areas that have an acute need of infrastructure; providing cold-storage equipment to decentralise vaccine administration and vaccinate 1 million people with disability
Location: Karnataka, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, Delhi$states = array(); ?> ( Delhi; Maharashtra; Karnataka; Uttarakhand )
Communities served: Migrant workers, people with disability, and critically ill people affected by COVID-19 second wave
Current needs: Funding to vaccinate 1 million underserved people with disabilities; to procure and transport critical life-saving equipment for severely ill patients affected by COVID-19
Contact information: [email protected]
Donation Link: https://aif.org/donate/covid-19-response/
Can accept international payment

20. Anahat For Change Foundation

Relief efforts: Supporting community healthcare workers and mobilising community-led door-to-door visits; distributing essential hygiene items; managing the block’s helpline number and linking families in need with resources available; creating vaccine awareness; distributing rations and medicine to COVID-19 affected families.
Location: West Bengal$states = array(); ?> ( South 24 Parganas district )
Communities served: 1,500 households in Diamond Harbour II block in South 24 Parganas district in West Bengal
Current needs: Procurement of face masks and sanitisers for 7,500+ people
Contact information: [email protected]
Donation Link: https://www.instamojo.com/@anahatforchange/

21. Anarde Foundation

Relief efforts: Supplying medicines and medical equipment worth INR 50,000 to rural government public healthcare centres in Maharashtra and Gujarat
Location: Gujarat, Maharashtra$states = array(); ?>
Communities served: Tribal men and women living in rural areas
Current needs: Funding to continue with relief initiatives and efforts
Contact information: [email protected]
Donation Details: Please reach out to the organisation using the email address provided
Can accept international payment

22. Annai Trust

Relief efforts: Distributing masks, sanitary napkins, and food to children
Location: Tamil Nadu$states = array(); ?> ( Sivagangai and Madurai )
Communities served: Street vendors; destitute and abandoned children
Current needs: Funding to distribute masks; to provide food and ration support
Contact information: +91 94430 70795
Donation Details: Please reach out to the organisation directly using the contact information provided

23. Anubhuti

Relief efforts: Providing financial and ration support
Location: Maharashtra$states = array(); ?> ( Maharashtra )
Communities served: Nomadic and denotified tribes
Current needs: Funding for continuing relief efforts and initiatives
Contact information: +91 98207 78330
Donation Details: Account Name: Anubhuti Charitable Trust; Account number: 319701010036887; Bank Name: Union Bank of India; Bank Branch: Vile Parle (E); IFSC Code: UBIN0531979

24. Anvarat Foundation

Relief efforts: Providing testing, isolation, and treatment of COVID-19 positive patients in rural Uttar Pradesh (UP) at early stages; setting up COVID-19 care and isolation centres in rural UP with medicine and oxygen facilities; generating vaccine awareness and conducting inoculation camps for villages; regeneration of livelihood by supporting women SHGs in villages of UP
Location: Uttar Pradesh$states = array(); ?> ( Barabanki, Hamirpur, Amethi, Hardoi, and Lucknow )
Communities served: Rural population
Current needs: Funding for setting up isolation centres and providing medicines and basic testing equipment such as oximeters, thermometers, BP machines, glucometers, nebulisers, and oxygen concentrator or cylinders; for conducting health camps and providing online consultation; for vaccine awareness campaigns—through nukkad nataks, focus group discussions, wall paintings, setting up registration counters, and mobilising logistical support for people to reach vaccine centres; for providing livelihood support in the form of training and access to microfinance within clusters
Contact information: [email protected] or +91 83189 65600
Donation Link: https://www.ketto.org/fundraiser/help-us-in-supporting-the-villages-of-up-in-the-fight-against-covid-19

25. Apnalaya

Relief efforts: Providing ration kits to 15,000 households; raising community awareness about COVID-19 appropriate behaviour, and vaccination and registration among communities
Location: Maharashtra$states = array(); ?> ( Shivaji Nagar and Mumbai East Ward )
Communities served: Urban slums of Shivaji Nagar and Mumbai East Ward
Current needs: Funding for procuring ration kits for 5,000 households, each worth INR 1,236
Contact information: [email protected] or +91 90106 27666
Donation Link: https://apnalaya.org/donation/
Can accept international payment

26. Apni Shala Foundation

Relief efforts: Creating and running online emotional well-being support groups and conducting emotional well-being check-ins over the phone
Location: Maharashtra$states = array(); ?> ( Mumbai )
Communities served: Groups at high risk for mental health conditions, including children, caregivers, people recovering from COVID-19 and their families, frontline and COVID-19 relief workers, and low-income families
Current needs: Funding for running online emotional well-being support groups (13 groups per week for 8 weeks), which are estimated to benefit 2,000+ individuals; for conducting check-ins over the phone which are estimated to benefit 1,000+ individuals in May and June 2021
Contact information: [email protected] or +91 91369 05919
Donation Link: https://fundraisers.giveindia.org/fundraisers/supporting-the-emotional-wellbeing-of-children-and-caregivers-affected-by-the-second-wave-of-covid-19-pandemic

27. Arpan

Relief efforts: Providing 50 oxygen concentrators to government and low-income private hospitals worth approximately INR 37.5 lakh; providing grocery kits to 8,000 low-income families impacted by job cuts/ income loss worth approximately INR 48 lakh; providing mental health support and counselling services to callers through a dedicated helpline worth approximately INR 50 lakh
Location: Maharashtra$states = array(); ?> ( Maharashtra )
Communities served: Low- and middle-income families
Current needs: Funding for grocery kits, oxygen concentrators and mental health services
Contact information: [email protected] or +91 98209 26362
Donation Link: https://www.ketto.org/fundraiser/ArpanForCOVID
Can accept international payment

28. Arunoday Sansthan

Relief efforts: Providing door-to-door counselling; distributing masks; generating awareness about COVID-appropriate behavior, specifically about what precautions can be taken
Location: Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh$states = array(); ?> ( Bundelkhand region )
Communities served: SC, OBC, and general communities
Current needs: Funding for providing services to these communities and to support administration of them
Contact information: [email protected]
Donation Details: Bank Account Details: Account number: 119001000011828 IFSC CODE: BARB0MAHOBA
Can accept international payment

29. Asha Ka Jharna

Relief efforts: Generating awareness about COVID-19 and vaccinations; distributing masks
Location: Rajasthan$states = array(); ?> ( Sikar and Jhunjhunu districts )
Communities served: Frontline workers and the general community
Current needs: Funding for purchasing masks and sanitisers; for deploying mobile vans for COVID-19 awareness
Contact information: [email protected]
Donation Link: http://www.ashakajharna.org/offlinedonation.aspx
Can accept international payment

30. Ashwini Charitable Trust (ACT)

Relief efforts: Providing food relief by distributing provisions to families of ACT; coordinating virtual classes and access to education; distributing provisions to community surrounding ACT families
Location: Karnataka$states = array(); ?> ( Bangalore )
Communities served: Children and their families living in urban slums
Current needs: Funding for providing food provision kits
Contact information: [email protected]
Donation Link: https://www.ashwinitrust.org/take-action
Can accept international payment

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