November 16, 2020

A funder-nonprofit love story

What else could Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ) memes be used for?

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1. When your executive director tells you what they’ve committed to donors

2. Trying to attract donors to your fundraising campaign

3. When your donor says they will support team well-being activities

4. Chasing your targets seven months into the nationwide lockdown

5. When a funder who doesn’t typically support work in your sector says they will ‘consider’ your application

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6. When you’re told by your funder that the reporting format needs to change, again

7. Receiving a grant that supports your plan to scale AND let’s you decide how best to go ahead doing so

8. When a funder approaches you to ask how they can support your work

9. Meeting your anonymous donor at a networking event

10. Listening to your anchor donor praise another nonprofit partner’s work at a conference (instead of yours)

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Shantanu Gharpure

Shantanu Gharpure is passionate about societal change and has worked on political, social, and policy level issues across diverse geographies in India. He is an engineering graduate from NIT Nagpur and studied liberal arts at Ashoka University.