June 16, 2017

10 things only a development sector consultant will understand

Part II in our series uncovering the similarities between Bollywood and the social sector takes you through the woes of being a development consultant. We guarantee that this one will have you in splits.

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1. When the client asks you to facilitate a multi-stakeholder meeting

Multistakeholder meeting


2. What your stakeholders think of your session on ‘achieving breakthrough impact’

Breakthrough impact


3. And of your stirring speech on ‘lifting people out of poverty’


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4. Your short and modest bio


5. When asked, “Do you have any other clients?”


6. Your workshop on strategy

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7. When you read blog posts about ‘moving up the value chain’ and are inspired to bid for that big project


8. When your project requires you to collect quarterly data from NGOs

Quarterly data


9. When you fulfill your promise to take the client to ‘the next level’

Sunil Shetty gif


10. What you say to the client when the project ends


What the client says to you

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Arjav Chakravarti

Arjav Chakravarti is a leadership coach and the founder of Svarya. In the past, Arjav has held a variety of leadership roles across sectors such as consulting, nonprofit management, technology, and research.