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Arjav Chakravarti is a leadership coach and the founder of Svarya. In the past, Arjav has held a variety of leadership roles across sectors such as consulting, nonprofit management, technology, and research.

Articles by Arjav Chakravarti

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May 3, 2023
Tech advice for nonprofits
Having assisted several nonprofits with their tech needs and challenges, CxOs offer pointers on how leaders should approach tech at their organisations.
colourful woollen matrix - organisational culture

February 24, 2022
Two myths about organisation culture, and what to do about them
'Culture' is a term that nonprofits are using more and more. But what exactly is organisation culture? And how can it help attract, engage, and retain employees?
Tom and jerry shaking hands, Tom looks evil

September 21, 2020
Sign here, please
Skip the eight weeks of negotiation, here’s the contract you’re inevitably going to end up with.
breakfast club last scene fist punch

July 15, 2019
Resignation emails: Rectified
What if you could be truly honest in your last email to your co-workers?
Nonprofit Humour

January 7, 2019
A day in the life of a nonprofit CEO
Back to work after the new year break? Time for a reality check.
Rishi Kapoor

July 9, 2018
10 tips for surviving your move to the development sector
Switching over from a corporate setup can be a little puzzling, but we've got some pointers to get you oriented.
Nonprofit Strategy-Slide 1_Feature Image

March 19, 2018
The ideal nonprofit strategy PPT
Need to present your nonprofit's strategy to donors? Look no further, we got you. (Don't miss the bonus slides on Theory of Change and SWOT Analysis.)
Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

August 28, 2017
10 things only someone working at a funding agency will understand
Working at a funding agency comes with its own challenges. You must demonstrate the impact of your funding not only to the world, but also your forever-unimpressed boss. If your life was a Bollywood film, here’s what it might look like.
Hera Pheri image

June 16, 2017
10 things only a development sector consultant will understand
Part II in our series uncovering the similarities between Bollywood and the social sector takes you through the woes of being a development consultant. We guarantee that this one will have you in splits.
ajay-devgan-bike pic_Bollywood and nonprofit

April 28, 2017
Ten things only someone working at a nonprofit will understand
Bollywood and the social sector are more alike than we think. Remember when your donor kept asking you to collaborate with other nonprofits? Or that time you tried to raise CSR money? Those moments, believe it or not, are on film.
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