December 19, 2022

Best memes of 2022: IDR style

What’s the point if we can’t laugh at ourselves?

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IDR humour: *Roasts the development sector every Monday, without fail.*

Also IDR, the minute someone from outside the sector says anything derogatory about it:

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Our new social media manager, trying to figure out the login details for our handles:

A wordle game where "shame" is the answer-memes


Social impact stalwarts/experts in their field/people who have been running programmes for decades: “Here is the language we use to describe our work”

IDR: “Hear us out – what if we changed it entirely?”


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They’re a 10, but their team dresses the same and makes strange boomerang choices during retreats.


Everyone: The middle of the pandemic really isn’t the time to grow

IDR, while increasing the team by 3x, starting two podcasts and content verticals, and launching a Hindi microsite:

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IDR humour: *Makes fun of donors and foundations on the regular*

IDR’s donors (who have stepped in when we needed gap funding, supported our capacity building efforts, and backed us since day 1):

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