July 31, 2023

ChatGPT simplifies complex social sector concepts

Use these the next time a donor asks what your organisation is working on.

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We asked ChatGPT to simplify the most complex development sector concepts that we struggle with—like we’re five-years old.

1. Climate change

Climate change is like the earth throwing a big tantrum because we keep using too much stuff that makes it hot, and now it’s making the weather go bonkers and giving us a hard time. Time to clean up our mess!

2. Philanthropy

When rich folks turn into Santa all year around! They throw money like confetti, but instead of parties, it’s for making the world less naughty and more nice.

3. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Companies feeling guilty for being big, so they sprinkle kindness like fairy dust—hugging trees, donating cash, and smiling for better PR.

an orange cat looks at a laptop--nonprofit humour
Picture courtesy: Catherine Heath

4. Sustainability

Think of it as giving the planet a spa day. We use resources wisely, so earth wont flip tables and go, “I can’t even!”

5. Randomised control trial

It’s like a wizard’s potion for experiments. Splitting folks into groups by magic to discover what potions truly heal and which ones are just hocus-pocus.

6. Monitoring and evaluation

It’s like checking if your soufflé rises right (monitoring) and if your dinner guests are still alive after eating it (evaluation).

PS: We claim royalty if you’re able to fundraise using these.

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