January 23, 2023

New year, no new friends

The country is obsessed with Shark Tank India, so are we, and so are our friends.

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Here’s what it looks like to describe what we do for a living to our non-nonprofit-sector friends, with some help from Shark Tank India memes.


You finally decide to explain to your friends what your job is all about.

Your friends:

Anupam Mittal saying "zyada waqt mat lagana"-nonprofit humour


You ignore them and start a passionate monologue on programme design and creating impact at scale.

Your friends:

Anupam Mittal saying "zara saral tareeke se samhaiye"-nonprofit humour


But you are in the zone now, talking about problems of international funding and the woes of FCRA.

Your friends:

Vineeta Singh saying "ye thoda videshi concept hai"-nonprofit humour


However, what they are really interested in is that one controversial thing they read about in the news (tax raids, anyone?). They want some behind-the-scenes gossip, but you refuse to indulge them.

Your friends trying to convince you:

Namita Thapar saying "yahi toh maza hai"-nonprofit humour


You instead start talking about how your organisation follows a flat reporting structure, and that even your interns weigh in on the organisation’s annual goals.

Your friends:

Anupam Mittal saying "yeh baat mai digest hi nahi kar paa raha hoon"-nonprofit humour


You also express how you’re worried about your organisation’s fundraising efforts for the next financial year.

Your one supportive entrepreneur friend:

Aman Gupta saying "mai de dunga, tu tension mat le"-nonprofit humour


Meanwhile, another friend joins the conversation, and your supportive friend goes on to tell them what they’ve learned about your ‘volunteer work’.

Supportive friend:

Ashneer Grover saying "yeh bilkul genuine laga mujhe"-nonprofit humour

Sceptical new-entrant friend:

Aman Gupta saying "mai abhi tak shock mein hu"-nonprofit humour

You, realising that this conversation has been a waste of time:

Vineeta Singh saying "chullu bhar paani mein doob jao tum"-nonprofit humour

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