Abhishek Modi

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Abhishek Modi is an engagement manager at Sattva Knowledge Institute. He has more than eight years of experience in the social sector in the domains of education, health, livelihoods, and technology. Abhishek has been instrumental in developing and deploying many in-house proprietary technology solutions, such as Sattva's CSR programme management and knowledge management tools. Additionally, he has worked with various stakeholders, such as corporates and nonprofits, to manage product design and for the development and deployment of technology in health, education, and incubator programmes.

Areas of Expertise

Knowledge and Advisory, Digital Platform

Articles by Abhishek Modi

Two women sitting on the ground, surrounded by weaving baskets_open network for digital commerce

January 13, 2023
Indian artisans are still missing from e-commerce platforms
High logistical costs and a lack of digital know-how are some factors keeping Indian artisans out of e-commerce. How can the recently launched Open Network for Digital Commerce change this?
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