Aditya Natraj

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Aditya Natraj is the CEO of Piramal Foundation. Previously, he was the Director of Pratham in Gujarat, Vice-President of Business Development at ProXchange and a consultant at KPMG. Aditya is a qualified Chartered Accountant, a Masters in Economics, and has an MBA from INSEAD. Aditya is an Ashoka Fellow, an Echoing Green Fellow and an Aspen India Fellow. He was awarded the Times Now Amazing Indian award in Education.

Articles by Aditya Natraj

girl students standing in a queue-employment

March 31, 2023
Can India tackle its employment gap before it’s too late?
We need to make our secondary education relevant to the aspirations of our youth. Learn about the pathways that can make this happen.
girls playing in school Developing Internal leadership

February 22, 2018
Building internal leadership is the founder’s job
Nonprofits need to develop multiple layers of leaders to manage their scaling effort. And the onus lies on founders and CEOs to identify and groom this talent.
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