Anirban Ghose

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Anirban Ghose is Co-lead of Transform Rural India. Previously, he was on the leadership team at PRADAN, a rural development NGO. Anirban is recognised for his role in expanding comprehensive engagement with women collectives beyond financial services, livelihoods and as pioneer of automated book-keeping systems in women’s self help groups. He is known for his expertise on community-managed irrigation, natural resource based livelihoods and numerous technology for development initiatives. Anirban graduated with a degree in business studies from University of Delhi.

Articles by Anirban Ghose

Two girls holding a football in the air

November 22, 2017
Making convergence work
Practitioners and donors in development have increasingly realised the importance of adopting a multi-intervention or convergence approach. This article looks at why it hasn't worked in the past, and explores what can be done differently now.
young boy walking on a bridge

September 21, 2017
Creating the resilience to dream
What will it take for the next generation of Indians to have the same set of opportunities as the privileged urban-born in our country?
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