Annapoorni Chandrashekar


Annapoorni Chandrashekar is a senior manager at Pratham. She works with digital content, technology, and implementation teams to transition pilots to scale and take open learning initiatives to diverse learners. Prior to Pratham, Annapoorni bootstrapped an EdTech start up incubated at IIM Bangalore, that helps young learners pursue their passion through mentorship. She holds a postgraduate diploma in liberal arts and leadership from the Young India Fellowship at Ashoka University, and a bachelor’s degree in automobile engineering.

Articles by Annapoorni Chandrashekar

doctor and patient as part of COVID-19 response

May 27, 2021
What can we learn from Jharkhand’s COVID-19 response?
Jharkhand has taken additional COVID-19 response protocols to curb the surge. Here are some implementation challenges and suggestions on a way forward.
Children using string cups as telephones-edtech

May 26, 2020
Connecting the disconnected
In the midst of COVID-19, EdTech has become the need of the hour. Here are five ways to make EdTech more accessible and engaging for children across the country.
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