Atiben Varsat
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Atiben Varsat is a women and land ownership paralegal with the WGWLO at the Swa Bhoomi Kendra, Meghraj, which is run by the Human Development and Research Centre (HDRC). As part of this, she works with rural women to make them aware of their land rights and to help them assert these rights through legal procedures. With Atiben’s help and guidance, more than 250 women have received their entitlements, acquired legal recognition as women farmers, and benefited from government schemes.

Articles by Atiben Varsat

Atiben working in a field-paralegal

June 16, 2022
“A piece of land can permanently secure a woman’s future”
A day in the life of a paralegal worker in Gujarat who builds awareness about the importance of women’s land rights and supports widows in claiming land ownership.
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