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Debojit Dutta is an editorial associate at IDR. He manages Ground Up, and is responsible for writing, editing, sourcing, and publishing content across IDR's various sections. He has previously worked in editorial roles with Sahapedia, The Quint, and The Sunday Guardian, and is a founding editor of Antiserious, a literary webzine. Debojit’s writings have appeared in publications such as Himal Southasian,, and The Wire.

Articles by Debojit Dutta

a dog looking at a laptop_nonprofit humour

August 28, 2023
Spam emails that we would click on
And we think you would too.
An e-rickshaw on the road in South Delhi

July 20, 2023
Photo essay: E-rickshaw drivers ferry India’s electric dream
While e-rickshaws are being promoted as Delhi–NCR’s sustainable mode of transport, their drivers battle waterlogged roads, documentation challenges, and high charging costs.
maya sharma illustration--feminist activism

July 11, 2023
IDR Interviews | Maya Sharma
A pioneer of queer and feminist movements in India, Maya Sharma sheds light on the intersectionality of gender, geography, class, and sexuality.
himesh reshammiya in black-tie attire--nonprofit humour

June 19, 2023
When Badass Ravikumar is your boss
If loving him is wrong, I don’t want to be right.
women sitting with piles of clothes in front of them--pheriwalis

June 15, 2023
Photo essay: The traditional upcyclers of India
As India embraces sustainable fashion, there’s a need to focus on the traditional upcyclers from the Devipujak community who are struggling for income, health, and dignity.
Figurine of a man with hands raised_nonprofit humour

May 15, 2023
Mercury retrograde: A week at work
What can we do, when the stars aren’t aligned in our favour?
Women in a group_employment of burn survivors

April 27, 2023
How to ensure inclusive employment for burn survivors
Survivors of acid attack and self-inflicted burns require rehabilitation programmes that focus on social reintegration and support as they navigate the world of jobs.
A woman looming silk_muslim women

April 21, 2023
Muslim women workers in India: What the data doesn’t tell us
The pandemic made it easier for middle- and upper-class Muslim women to find jobs, but lower-income households struggled. Migrant workers from the community also remained invisible.
Five kids posing in front of the camera_pastoralists in kashmir

February 21, 2023
Why do pastoralists in Kashmir struggle for education?
Seasonal migration, low income, and caste-based discrimination are among the reasons why pastoral, nomadic tribes like Gujjar Bakarwals and Chopans struggle to access education.
A woman making food in a community kitchen-zero-waste cooking

February 10, 2023
Four tribes, four recipes, and much food for thought
Chefs from four different tribes in India share their recipes and discuss the threats to their food culture as they lose forests, migrate to cities, and struggle for livelihood in a changing world.
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