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Founded in 2001, Educational Initiatives (EI) is committed to improve learning outcomes and aspires for a world where all children learn with understanding. The Large Scale Educational Programs (LSEP) division of EI focuses on low-income children. It works primarily on student assessments, educational research, and implementing Mindspark program (computer aided adaptive learning software) in regional languages for government schools and affordable private schools.

Articles by Educational Initiatives


January 15, 2019
Without accountability, there’s no pressure to improve
In this video, Centre for Civil Society founder Parth Shah discusses whether the Right to Education Act is a great idea that's been poorly implemented, and offers suggestions for how it can be improved.
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November 13, 2018
“Are you measuring your intervention?”
In this video, Dr Rukmini Banerji shares her insights on the challenges of assessing learning outcomes, the role of applied research, and the importance of evaluation.
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