Faiz Hashmi

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Faiz Hashmi is pursuing a PhD in Experimental Psychology from The University of Texas at Austin and working as a research scientist at The Center for Applied Cognitive Science. His work with organisations such as Care India and Project Concern International encompasses cross-cultural research, social learning, public health, and human-centred design. Faiz has an MA in Development Studies. He is interested in exploring the impact of cognitive and cultural factors on various aspects of public health and gender.

Areas of Expertise

Cognitive and Cultural Evolution, Cross Cultural Comparison, Public Health, Gender, Social Learning

Articles by Faiz Hashmi

incense sticks burning in a plate_rituals

December 16, 2022
The importance of rituals in behaviour change
Rituals are often seen as mere superstitions in direct opposition to biomedical practices. Here's why this understanding is a mistake.
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