Jyoti Nale-Tajane

Jyoti Nale Tajane

Jyoti Nale-Tajane has 16 years of experience in the development sector working on human trafficking, child protection, gender-based violence, and urban and rural livelihoods. She holds a masters degree in social work from College of Social Work-Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai University, and PGPDM from S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai. She heads the anti-human trafficking and vocational skills training initiatives at STCI and is responsible for coordinating comprehensive programmatic and financial planning activities, designing overall monitoring, and evaluation framework.


Articles by Jyoti Nale-Tajane

Person reading a newspaper-crimes against women

February 24, 2021
We need to change how we report crimes against women
Analysing data on violence against women solely based on the number of cases registered fails to provide a complete picture.
A drawing by a child of a house and a playground

December 3, 2020
Protecting children in institutional care
Exploring the implications of a national directive to restore children living in care homes to their families.
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