Kanmani Palanisamy

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Kanmani works as a policy action fellow at Indus Action, a policy implementation organisation that works to bridge the gap between law and action. Her area of research lies in understanding the intersection of law, policy, and development. In the long-term, Kanmani would like to focus on bridging the gap between policy formulation and implementation.

Articles by Kanmani Palanisamy

Woman wearing a purple saree standing next to a sink-COVID-19 vaccine pregnant women

June 8, 2021
More must be done to protect pregnant women from COVID-19
Beyond including pregnant women and lactating mothers in India's COVID-19 vaccination drive, the government needs to ensure their safety by adequately monitoring side effects.
Woman holding a baby in the hospital with two women around-maternity benefits

March 16, 2021
Extend maternity benefits to tackle child and maternal malnutrition
How a government scheme designed to extend maternity benefits to pregnant women in India is unequal and exclusionary.
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