Kokila Devi

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Kokila Devi is an Ujala Mitra in Kherwada block, Udaipur district. For the last five years, she has been a part of her village’s Ujala Samooh, a woman’s solidarity group supported by Aajeevika Bureau. Kokila has been overlooking Samooh meetings for 12 groups and has been instrumental in ensuring people’s linkages with social security schemes. Kokila has also gone out of her way to help women facing violence at home seek justice, and is a survivor of domestic violence herself.

Articles by Kokila Devi

Kokila Devi attending to some plants-adivasi leader

July 13, 2020
A day in the life of: An Adivasi leader
A survivor of domestic violence herself, an Adivasi woman from rural Rajasthan is helping other women who face violence seek justice, along with helping them access entitlements.
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